Two University City Mayors Connect

Below is the video of Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell’s keynote speech to a group of Lexington leaders, discussing the idea of Fort Collins as a University City. Mayor Jim Gray and Scott Shapiro, Mayor Gray’s Chief Innovation Officer, also speak.

Mayor Troxell straddles the worlds of municipal government and academia. In addition to leading his city, Mayor Troxell is also a mechanical engineering professor at Colorado State University, and he’s been thinking about the Triple Helix of academia, government and business for years.

The Gaines Center – Conversation with Mayors from UK Gaines Center on Vimeo.


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May 13, 2016 · 12:40 pm

Fort Collins Mayor Comes to Lexington

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Tom Eblen, Herald-Leader Columnist: Economic Development in University Cities is All About Collaboration

Tom Eblen writes about Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell, who traveled to Lexington to speak about being a fellow University City. Troxell was the keynote for the Lafayette Seminar, an annual forum presented by the University of Kentucky’s Gaines Center for the Humanities. Following the speech, Mayor Troxell partnered with Lexington Mayor Jim Gray to answer questions about the University Cities concept from a crowd of 50 Lexington leaders.

 Wade Troxell, mayor of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Mayor Wade Troxell of Fort Collins.

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UK News


Video + article from University of Kentucky’s UKNow:

It’s a partnership unlike any other, relying on each other to complete pivotal projects and daily deeds, constantly working together to find solutions. Yes, the city of Lexington and the University of Kentucky are intertwined, but a recent discovery proves it’s much more than a partnership — it’s a new species of community…

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Lexington Herald-Leader Columnist Explores University Cities idea

Columnist Tom Eblen explores the University Cities research and Mayor Jim Gray’s thoughts on the idea’s application in Lexington.

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Lexington has been a college town for more than 200 years. But when Scott Shapiro, a top aide to Mayor Jim Gray, was benchmarking local data against other cities recently, he discovered something interesting: Lexington was one of six U.S. cities whose numbers place them in a unique category.

Tom Eblen: Lexington one of six ‘university cities’; can it take advantage?

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Sports and the University City

Kentucky Sports Radio, the multimedia deep-dive for all things UK sports, published this thoughtful piece on how college sports create a special culture and community in University Cities.

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The University City in The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast uses our research to write about University Cities, with Mayor Jim Gray’s corporate move to Lexington as an example of the trend:globalnav-logo

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The University City – A Next City Op-Ed

Next City published my Op-Ed: New Species of City Discovered: University City. It gives an overview of the concept.


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University Economic Development

At the Annual Conference of the University Economic Development Association next week, I’ll be giving a talk on the impact of universities on their cities…beyond just jobs and research dollars. The network effects of having a major public research university in the center of one’s city have outcomes you would expect…including an arts and culture sector that rivals the nation’s largest cities. And there are outcomes you might not expect, like incredibly low violent crime rates.

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NPR calls Lincoln Silicon Prairie

NPR’s seemed surprised that Lincoln, Neb.,  a University City, was an emerging tech hub, teaming with young talent from the the University of Nebraska who wanted to stay in a low-cost city with a high quality of life. But that’s what University Cities offer…

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Fort Collins aims to be carbon neutral

The city council in Fort Collins, a University City, voted to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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